Open Cascade Commercial Platform components are updated!

Open Cascade is pleased to announce the new versions of added-value components available under Commercial Platform.

Open Cascade joins Digital Twin Consortium

Open Cascade is proud to announce becoming a member of Digital Twin Consortium. Now we are a part of the ecosystem dedicated to the widespread adoption of digital twin…

Open CASCADE Technology 7.5.0 released

Open Cascade is pleased to announce a new public release of its core open-source technology. It includes more than 400 improvements and corrections over the previous…

Open Cascade releases a new version of Web 3D Viewer 2.0

The major update consists in upgrading Web 3D Viewerto the ninth version of Angular, what provides developers with a more advanced tool for the creation of end-user solutions…

CAD Processor v.1.1 released!

Open Cascade released the newest version of CAD Processor. Learn more about new features and improvements that were implemented in the solution.

Open Cascade will make it possible to put 10 million 3D objects in a web-basket
CAD Builder v.1.1.0. released!

Open Cascade released the newest version of CAD Builder. A number of new features and improvements was implemented for making the solution more powerful and richer.

Future-oriented software for better healthcare

Open Cascade brings its expertise in 3D to medical industry

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