Open Cascade Platform components are updated!

22 Nov 2021

We are pleased to announce that the new versions of added-value components are available under Open Cascade Platform. All components were ported and certified to Open CASCADE Technology (OCCT) v.7.6.0. The new release of Open Cascade Platform components provides more than 100 bug fixes over the previous release 7.5.0.

Open Cascade customers are welcome to download the components from Customer Corner, which has been substantially updated following customers’ expectations. 

The most essential changes are listed below.

DXF Import

  • 0031923: Add support of code page DOS850
  • 0031878: Support Windows and ISO 8859 code pages in DXF import
  • 0031948: Add progress indicator for DXF reader

Express Mesh

  • 0032554: Wrong point acquisition from theHoles on prepareSegmentTreeHoles()
  • 0032176: Wrong discretization on edges
  • 0032362: Algorithm produces a mesh with holes for the specific case
  • 0032080: Algorithm generates mesh with unexpected holes and overlapped triangles
  • 0013195: Introduce Aspect Ratio parameter
  • 0032075: Enormously long run on a face with many holes

IFC Import

  • 0030183: Unable to import IFC model in Debug mode
  • 0032562: Using XCAF length unit

JT Import / Export

  • 0031156: JT file should include length units information
  • 0032026: Introduce reading of JT Wireframe BRep
  • 0032309: Crash when JT file is opened
  • 0032090: Introduce reading of pre-tessellated PMI from JT files
  • 0031950: length unit is ignored while reading XT representation from JT file
  • 0032474: Access violation in decoding data for Wireframe presentation
  • 0032375: JTCAFControl_Reader::ToDeferMetadata() is broken by patch for 0031951
  • 0031951: Implement PMI support
  • 0031949: Some colors are lost while reading XT representation from JT file
  • 0032283: Load strictly defined LOD during JT file reading
  • 0031609: Broken transformation on model
  • 0032069: Segmentation violation reading JT file

Mesh Framework (OMF)

  • 0029971: Mesh Framework sample – add progress indication for meshing operations

Parasolid Import

  • 0032659: MakeIntersection incorrectly recognizes periodic curve
  • 0032660: Spun surface of a line has incorrect parametrization
  • 0032543: Using external length unit

Surface from scattered points

  • 0032177: Documentation – SSP User’s Guide minor correction

If you are interested in Open Cascade Platform or in a particular value-added component please contact us for more information.

Added-value Components for OCCT 7.6.0
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