CAD Processing and Simplification in Open Cascade Platform

29 Jun 2022

Being a seasoned expert in operations with 3D data, Open Cascade offers more than 50 powerful algorithms for CAD data preparation and simplification.

The algorithms can be tested in CAD Processor, an end-user application dedicated to preparation of 3D data for various downstream applications, which has gained well-deserved popularity among users.

Now Open Cascade grants software developers the possibility of enhancing their own solutions with the algorithms and data structures of high-powered instruments.

Open Cascade team offers software development tools aimed to meet particular use cases:

  • Mesh Processing SDK allows for interplay between exact B-Rep geometry and polygonal representations. It offers a vast set of operations available on meshes including mesh generation, decimation, smoothing as well as specific tools for meshing pipe-like parts, which is useful for simplification of electrical harnesses.
  • CAD Simplification SDK is an indispensable tool for simplification of 3D data for various downstream applications: AR/VR, IP protection, numerical simulation, etc.
  • CAD Healing SDK includes a number of functions for solving inconsistency problems. Healing features include detecting and filling gaps, merging small edges, detection of dirty items and open edges, inverting parts and autohealing.
  • Sheet Metal Operations SDK features a full set of specific algorithms for sheet metal manufacturing, such as unfolding, extracting properties, drawings generating, etc.

All the SDKs are enriched with basic data management and assembly-level operations, providing maximum convenience for further integration into end-user applications.

Open Cascade robust algorithms for CAD processing and simplification are your choice if you want to:

  • Speed-up application development and increase ROI with tools that can be applied immediately to your specific environment.
  • Gain highest flexibility thanks to a vast variety of licensing options including annual or perpetual, node-locked or floating licenses.
  • Cut costs on software development significantly gaining benefits from Open Cascade time-proven technologies.
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