The variety of our solutions cover almost every stage of industrial product lifecycle and for the last few years we have become focused on converting challenges of Industry 4.0 into real business opportunities through the use of proprietary 3D technologies, which is our unique selling proposition.
The 3D software solutions we deliver are applied for digital transformation at all stages of our industrial clients’ businesses. These stages are as follows:

Plant Operations
Optimize your asset management

Enabling digital transformation at the speed of Industry 4.0, Open Cascade assists large plants and smaller manufacturing enterprises to optimize day-to-day operations and workflows by delivering smart end-to-end software solutions. Be it production facility revamping, maintenance, scheduled trainings, security or quality checks — all these operations can be remotely performed with a virtual replica of existing facilities at hand.

Moreover, Open Cascade complements its portfolio with solutions that cover all stages of the entire lifecycle of an industrial asset that implies quick collecting and smart routing of the big data received from various sources and systems. Such solutions enable successful implementation of EPC project information management, equipment and plant reconfiguration, centralized storage of big 3D DMU and associated data for an industrial facility, 3D digital twin of a plant, etc.

Technological Process
Advance your industrial processes

In the contemporary world, technologies keep constantly evolving, so industrial enterprises have to streamline their technological processes taking into account this dynamics and the aims of their manufacturing systems. Open Cascade helps customers keep up with modern technological requirements by facilitating their industrial processes with 3D software solutions.

Our clients can drastically speed-up engineering with the help of our web-based collaborative design review solutions. Streaming of 3D and configuration data to the shop floor allows significant reduction of non-quality costs and efforts. Creation of interactive work instructions and possibility to amend them in no time for all users enhances assembly process and increases accuracy during assembly or quality control stages.

Turn-key solutions for automated processing of heavy 3D data, capitalizing customer’s «know-how» in 21st-century digital engineering workspaces, enabling fully automated end-to-end manufacturing simulation workflows and much more — all these are parts of the Open Cascade mission for digital transformation of technological processes.

Digital Product or Service
Improve your product or service

In the conditions of modern reality, industrial manufacturers are facing an abundance of similar offers on the market. State-of-the-art solutions for 3D visualization, data processing, and equipment simulation help companies bring advanced productivity to equipment and add competitive advantages to their industrial products or services. It is proprietary and vendor-agnostic technology that makes Open Cascade different.

Specifically developed software and CAM tools based on Open Cascade Commercial Platform for machinery manufacturers could be utilized for CNC piloting or printed circuit board creation. Thanks to proprietary technologies and extensive industry-specific experience, the company is able to create unique programs for equipment for non-destructive robotic inspection, laser welding, computed tomography, etc. Embedding 3D technologies to products or services helps manufacturers improve their portfolio and stand out in the market.

Sales and After sales
Engage your customer

Online 3D product catalogues, configurators and customizers are strong drivers for sales rise and customers’ satisfaction.

Open Cascade offers a set of such solutions to boost product attractiveness by adding interactivity with 3D visualization, where original CAD models are being simplified and protected for online use. The outer geometry is visually preserved, and at the same time the model remains IP-protected against reverse engineering. 3D catalogues enable interactive and intelligent set of spare parts and online technical documentations for MRO processes.

Linking online 3D configurator solution with ERP and/or PLM system allows generating and transferring the list of constituent elements, bill of materials, configuration options, price data, etc., to the warehouse and coordinate the consumption of materials.

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