With a team of highly-skilled developers and engineers on staff, Open Cascade provides a full spectrum of software development and professional services that meet the highest quality standards.
Integrated Software Solutions
Our 3D expertise at your service
Since 17 years Open Cascade’s 3D expertise helps machine builders to have. Let a Unique 3D Software Drive Your Advantage:
  • Standalone, Mobile, Web
  • 3D Modeling, Visualization, Data exchange
  • Turn-key delivery or common work with client team
Royalty free
Our own open technology and innovative business model secure your investments and let you focus on your business value.
Top Notch
Since 17 years Open Cascade is a partner for a wide range of clients and industries in what concerns bespoke 3D software.
Rapid and affordable
One-stop-shop: 3D software editor, service provider and an integrator in one. An additional ROI gain for clients.
Benefits For You...
  • Internal 3D technology for fast customization and development
  • Ready to integrate customizable 3D software for rapid ROI
  • High-performance own 3D technology
  • Custom solutions and enriched 3D
  • Fast time-to-market for your final solution
  • Licenses & Royalty-free model with affordable cost
Backing your path to digital Future
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