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When businesses answer the challenges of modern economy through digital transformation, a strong need for system integration arises. Multiple independent industrial applications, each offering its own unique service, require smooth integration. Otherwise, data silos, wasted employee productivity, customers’ dissatisfaction are observed. Synchronization of big industrial data in a single point is a strong driver for effective operations. Open Cascade is able to unify and effectively manage data streams from various sources and complete its proprietary visualization solutions with auxiliary information. We establish digital continuity letting lossless data routing and interaction between different sources and democratize the usage of data, making it easily available inside existing enterprise products and linking it to other kinds of engineering and enterprise data. By software integration, we enable E2E digital workflows on top of existing IT landscape complementing it with Open Cascade Platform capabilities and give more control on the data reducing risks of its loss or corruption. Better utilization of available enterprise platforms generates higher business value and increases the ROI for our customers.

Plant operations

  • Build a 3D Digital Twin combining heterogeneous data from IoT sensors, PLM, MES, ERP, simulations, etc. around hybrid 3D model. Add contextual visual awareness and make information easily accessible to all stakeholders through the web browser.
  • Integrate Plant Design software (such as Aveva, Bentley, etc) with other enterprise systems (ERP, Project Information management system, etc.) and establish digital continuity for optimal implementation of specific engineering and operations tasks.
  • Build consistent data model and ensure its completeness by aggregating all plant project data coming from various sources. Completeness, consistency and correctness of project data inputs is achieved through information quality checks powered by Artificial Intelligence. The data model becomes the single source of truth for decision-making supported by integrated reporting and BI capabilities from recognized market leaders.

Technological processes

  • Generate semi-automated 3D work instructions driven by product configurations taken from PLM.
  • Break communication barriers between design and production by creating a synchronized CAD/CAM solution. Establish smooth interaction between 3D design and tooling data, by embedding 3D visualization and data processing into manufacturing equipment.

Digital product and services

  • Easily prepare CAD data for VR/AR/MR, stream optimized models and scenes right from PLM to most commonly used devices.
  • Create fabrication-friendly 3D designs by integrating metalworking operations with corporate processes such as production, supply chain, sales, etc.

Sales and after sales

  • Go to the next step of intelligent e-commerce by linking 3D sales tool to ERP. Such smart integration allows generating and transferring the list of constituent elements to the warehouse, coordinate the consumption of materials, generate quotation and final invoicing, etc.
  • Add interactivity to your existing online catalogues. Automate processes by integrating them with customer’s PLM and ERP systems.
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