Open Cascade is hiring in France and Portugal

25 Apr 2022

Open Cascade, which is a part of Capgemini Engineering, opens up job opportunities in the company’s new office in Portugal as well as on existing sites in France. This is a great chance to work with the company’s breakthrough technologies.

Take the opportunity to work on unique projects in digital engineering and manufacturing! Deep industrial expertise allows Open Cascade to work with the world’s leading players in Oil and Gas, Marine, Energy, Special-purpose Machinery, Metrology and Quality Control or Telecommunications sectors.

Most of the company’s projects and software products are based on Open CASCADE technology (OCCT), which is the only open-source full-scale 3D kernel. That’s why the majority of open positions imply having experience in OCCT and C++, knowledge of 3D visualization methods and algorithms, as well as understanding of software development tools. In addition, there are desirable skills for some positions: for instance, Python knowledge, experience in multithreading programming, etc.

If you have experience in OCCT and other skills mentioned above, we invite you to explore new job opportunities and apply to join Open Cascade!

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