OCCT3D Technology

Be free with your 3D modeling kernel

The OCCT3D Technology is a world-known 3D modeling kernel, freely available in open source. It’s a software development kit (SDK) intended for the development of applications dealing with 3D CAD data. OCCT3D includes a set of C++ class libraries providing services for 3D surface and solid modeling, visualization, data exchange and rapid application development.

OCCT3D Technology can be best applied in the development of specialized CAD/CAM/CAE applications. The typical applications built with the help of OCCT are pre- and post-processors for finite element analysis software, CNC/CMM path generators, numerical simulation programs, etc.

OCCT3D Technology (former CAS.CADE and Open CASCADE Technology) exists from the mid 1990-s and has already been used by numerous commercial clients belonging to different domains from software edition to heavy industry.

Since its publication in open source, OCCT3D Technology is a free alternative to expensive proprietary modeling kernels.

OCCT3D Technology is available under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

Full online OCCT documentation, including the Tutorial, User and Developer Guides, as well as other resources, are available on the Open Cascade Collaborative Development Portal.

Open Source community

Would you like to make your contribution into Open Source software? OCCT3D Community brings together lots of Open Source software developers. They carry out various software development projects of different complexity levels in CAD/CAM/CAE domain and discuss them on dedicated forums.

Join the community and share your experience with other members. Project owners are encouraged to post information about their Open Source projects, and even request us to create dedicated forums for them. Let other people know about your success!

If you wish to contribute your code, a correction or an improvement, into OCCT3D Technology, please join OCCT3D Collaborative Development Portal.

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