Operations with Domains in Asset Revamping

15 Jun 2022

It occurs in many big companies that industrial projects have to be reviewed by a large number of teams with different application areas. When such multidiscipline projects are executed, it is critical to manage access to resources for collaboration. 

This task can be solved with role-based access control but sometimes such restrictions are not enough. In cases of working with different suppliers or if you need to carry out some kind of maintenance, it becomes necessary to provide information only from some special subject or topological area to different people or teams.

For such cases Open Cascade offers a solution based on Open Cascade Platform where the restrictions can be made logically according to arbitrary chosen attributes, part names or tags, or project owners can choose any part of a model for sharing (whether part of any shape or point cloud), creating domains depending on the project needs.

Domains are virtual groups of project entities used to share specific project elements between different users. They can contain all objects from within the project, including PMI objects created inside Asset Revamping (measurements, annotations, POI, etc.) After creation, domains can be shared with project users in read-only or read-write modes providing these users ability to access different parts of the project.

Domains are not exclusive, i.e. the same project element may be included in multiple domains. When the domain is active, its name will be shown at the top left corner under the project name and all objects in the project are hidden except the ones that are included in this domain.

Domains can also form hierarchical structure where one domain can be nested inside the other. Every subdomain can only contain project elements from its parent and it can have its own subdomains.

The domain based approach grants maximum flexibility in access management that ensures convenience, timesaving and security for web or cloud based solution for collaborative design and project review.

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