Open CASCADE Technology 7.6.1 maintenance release

07 Feb 2022

Open Cascade is pleased to announce that the next Open CASCADE Technology (OCCT) maintenance release (version 7.6.1) is prepared.

The sources of Open CASCADE Technology 7.6.1 are available under the V7_6_1 tag in the OCCT repository.

This maintenance release fixes the following critical problems:

  • 31087: “Configuration – make FreeType dependency optional”
  • 32333: “Modeling Algorithms – Empty(wrong) result of offset operation in mode “Complete” join type “Intersection””
  • 32484: “Configuration, CMake fails to find EGL and GLES2 include directory on iOS platform”
  • 32649: “Modeling Algorithms – Bug in BRepLib::EnsureNormalConsistency()”
  • 32652: “Visualization – Select3D_SensitiveCylinder returns wrong 3D point on transformed shape”
  • 32654: “Data Exchange – fix misprint in RWGltf_TriangulationReader::readDracoBuffer()”
  • 32661: “Coding – Forward class declaration in ProjLib collides with typeref”
  • 32747: “Modeling Algorithms – Exact HLR algorithm gives wrong result”
  • 32748: “Data Exchange, Step Import – xstep.cascade.unit doesn’t work [regression since OCCT 7.6.0]”
  • 32757: “Application Framework, scaling transformation – loading of an OCAF XML document fails”
  • 32784: “BinXCAF fails to load documents containing the shapes with scaled/mirrored location”

Note: starting this year we stop supporting VS2010 and VS2012 compilers.

Publication date: February 07, 2022.

OCCT 7.6.1
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