Enhance your digital continuity
3D Apps in a web browser
Customisation for any use case
Link with true 3D CAD data
Powerful 3D technology
Visualize, Simulate and Operate
3D CAD + Laser scan on the web
7.3.0 - New Features
Face Removal algorithm
Oriented bounding boxes (OBB)
History for generated elements in Boolean operations
Open CASCADE Technology
3D DMU Continuity for any use
Preparation and simplification
Use your 3D data for all downstream processes
Connectors to many 3d formats
3D CAD and DMU Data Simplification, Repair and Processing
your 3d data everywhere
Mobile and standalone visualization
CADRays, JT Assistant
CAD Assistant for Android, Windows, and iOS
DMU Reviewer

Our Advanced 3D Technology adapts to you

Powerful 3D Apps
for Industry 4.0

Ease Your Downstream Processes
Interactive 3D

Advanced 3D
in a Web Browser

Boost Your Go-To-Market and
Accelerate B2B Interactions

Bespoke 3D

Let a Unique 3D Software Drive
Your Competitive Advantage

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