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We help industrial companies scaling new heights, reducing losses and gaining new opportunities of efficiency, by breaking silos, and providing solutions for isolated IT environments and non-digital data

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Energy & Utilities

Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Renewables: reducing processing costs, optimize assets’ performance with proper energy consumption, leading to the improvement of environmental footprint

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Life Science

Increasing the level of intelligence and better decision making, by implementing advanced technologies, comprehensive data management and integrated services

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Automotive, Special-purpose or Heavy Machinery: increasing return on investment and operational efficiency and reducing costs by simulations and competent data

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Our Approach

Achieve optimal outcomes by harnessing the synergy of our cutting-edge technology and complementary services. The Open Cascade Platform is a hub for rapid systems integration and building custom business solutions. Our end-to-end services and business domain knowledge ensure successful implementation, by breaking silos and establishing digital continuity.

Industrial data management
Software integration and use case development
Collaboration on data

Involve all stakeholders remotely in cause-and-effect analysis giving them complete plant information for faster and more efficient decision-making.

Successful collaboration using an intelligible and accessible 3D model, leading to a more strategic and integral approach to asset management.

  • – Easy visual interaction using Open Cascade platform engine
  • – Data contextualization between different specialists
  • – Customized UI/UX
  • – Project team integration
  • – Situational awareness
  • – Near real-time analytics
Hybrid data ingestion

Easily acquire enterprise data and check it for completeness and correctness based on the best industrial practices and standards.

The well-adjusted process of obtaining, entering, and processing information from different sources allows building a consistent enterprise data model.

  • – Legacy data ingestion (stakeholders, databases)
  • – Collection and validation of data from disparate sources
  • – Data extraction from unstructured data sources
  • – Data modeling and ETL
  • – Ontology and Sematic Factory
Automated Data Exchange and Storage

Benefit from a practical approach to unify an efficient management of data flows from different sources and a powerful mechanism for storing massive heterogeneous data sets.

Unified and automated solutions enable significant time, effort, and risk reduction in plant data transfer and storage.

  • – Integration through unified, cross-platform, multi-format communication (expertise in 3D data exchange)
  • – Compliance with international standards and best practices (CHIFOS, ISO, OSDU)
  • – Data mapping across different data formats
  • – Consistent and reliable data warehouse
High-fidelity visualization

Experience high-quality visualization of different types of 3D data. A stable, powerful, and proven visualization solutions are key enablers for efficient engineering operations.

Interactive and immersive visualization of industrial data dramatically improves visual perception and user experience.

  • – Effective scalability on 3D
  • – Data-driven approach in visual representation
  • – Speeded-up decision making
  • – Interpretable reporting
  • – Enhanced product competitiveness
Data Valorization and exploitation

Fuel your business with the best strategies and technologies for data analysis and management.

Open Cascade intelligent solutions level-up situation awareness and decision making in real time, optimizing workflows, and minimizing efforts on operation and maintenance of an industrial object.

  • – Data utilized as an asset
  • – Higher situational awareness & visibility
  • – Operational costs reduced by simulations
  • – Level up performance by more data sources involving data quality and inconsistency control

Use cases

Explore examples of business needs solved by Open Cascade proprietary technologies and expertise

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Aftermarket parts catalogue
Streamlined engineering workflows tailored to particular needs
Collaborative web-based project or design review
Digital design approval workflows
Digital surgery planning process
Embedded 3D visualization and data processing
Engineering Procurement and Construction 4.0
Industrial facility operation and maintenance
Telecom infrastructure asset management

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