29 Jul 2020 Written by Svetlana Orlova In
CAD Builder


Open Cascade released the newest version of CAD Builder. A number of new features and improvements was implemented for making the solution more powerful and richer in terms of functionality.

10 Jun 2020 Written by Elena Soleeva In

Future-oriented software for better healthcare: Open Cascade brings its expertise in 3D to medical industry

Since the introduction of computed tomography in the early 1970s, the medical imaging was drastically revolutionized, granting healthcare professionals with high quality visuals of human body interiors.

07 May 2020 Written by Svetlana Orlova In
CAD Builder

Open Cascade introduces CAD Builder - a sample of parametric CAD modeler

For more than 20 years being always at the forefront of 3D, Open Cascade has gained considerable expertise in geometric modeling - from the development of Open CASCADE Technology modeling kernel and participation as a key software developer together with