Release Notes

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DMU Reviewer

Version 1.2
  • Exploded view configuration is now included in saved views.
  • Exploded view is now a lot more configurable.
  • PMI can now be imported from JT.
  • Notes can now be exported to JSON.
  • Performance improvements for Notes.
  • Angle measurement for conical faces is added.
  • The “Use positioning plane” setting has been removed from Preferences. Now it is shown at the bottom of the model view when relevant.
  • Optimizations and improvements for note and dimension placement.
  • Numerous usability improvements and bugfixes.

Version 1.1.1
  • DMU Reviewer can now be used in trial mode on virtual machines* and via RDP**.
  • Implemented additive selection on touch devices by Ctrl-tapping.
  • Fixed redundant rectangle selection icon appearing on touch devices.
  • Fixed incorrect cursor positioning when dragging gizmos in the 3D view using touch input.
  • Fixed measurements incorrectly remaining selected after creation on touch devices.
  • Improved usability of the right toolbar on touch devices.
  • Made it easier to select and re-position measurements using touch input.
  • Fixed some UI tabs not showing on high DPI displays.
  • Other small fixes and improvements for touch devices.

* A GPU pass-through is required on virtual machines, since DMU Reviewer is an OpenGL application.
** For remote usage via RDP, an NVIDIA graphics card is required, with NVIDIA drivers version 450 or newer, and OpenGL support enabled for RDP.

Version 1.1

The major update consists in significant enhancement in overall performance: the loading and save time drastically speeded up, in many cases coming up to 70% of time saving. Some operations with large numbers of items (such as selection, color assignment) are also optimized and accelerated:

  • Enhanced positioning of dimensions. When taking a measurement or relocating an existing dimension, the call-out is now placed on a fixed plane (or one of multiple suggested planes) calculated based on the configuration of elements being measured.
  • Measurements are taken immediately after picking all necessary elements, without the need to click an additional button.
  • Extended measurement of angles: now angles can also be measured between linear edges, planar faces, arc axes and cylinder axes (in any combination).
  • Visibility of assembly items and PMI is now saved and loaded from the model file (for formats that support visibility storage).
  • Enabled/disabled state of assembly items is now saved in XBF.
  • In the Color panel, it is now possible to pick the color from a part using the eyedropper tool.
  • Added the Ctrl+A hotkey to select all items of the model.
  • Added the Esc hotkey that cancels file loading, closes menus, popup windows and tool panels.
  • Multiple performance improvements: model load and save times have gone down significantly; also operations with large numbers of items (selection, color assignment) have become faster.

Note: the software will not work with Intel integrated graphics older than HD Graphics 520. Some graphical drawbacks may occur on displays with high resolution (4k), please, select a lower resolution to fix them.

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