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CAD Builder

Version 1.2.0

CAD Builder 1.2.0. is transferred to the latest version of Open CASCADE Technology — 7.5.0. (released on November, 19).

These new features and improvements have been introduced in CAD Builder 1.2.0.:


  • Rounding corners of wire (1D fillet feature)
  • Curve fitting feature in Sketch
  • Offset feature in Sketch
  • Export to STL format

New possibilities to:

  • Show/hide sketch plane;
  • Customize a text color of features in Object Browser;
  • Put unicode characters in the Object Browser;
  • Rename items in the Object Browser with shortcut (F2);
  • Generalize the Extrusions and Revolutions to shapes of dimension 1, 2 and 3;
  • Read Python dump.

Version 1.1.0

CAD Builder 1.1.0. is transferred to the latest version of Open CASCADE Technology — 7.4.0. New features and improvements were implemented for making the solution more performant and stable in terms of algorithms:

Newly-introduced features:

  • Chamfer feature
  • Export of model parts to a file and import parts
  • Copy feature for results duplication
  • 3D model defeaturing
  • Importing operations results from other parts

Existing features improvements:

  • Implemented “Through all” mode for ExtrusionFuse, ExtrusionCut, RevolutionFuse, RevolutionCut
  • Building vertices, edges, wires, faces, shells for the whole sketch selected
  • Keeping compounds structure in result of operation

Improvements for Sketch:

  • Moving Angle dimension to any quarter
  • Support of B-spline curves

GUI improvements:

  • Ability to change the mouse cursor in sketch
  • Sketch panel improvements in case of over-constraint
  • Tooltips on sketch start were added
  • Keyboard shortcut to add parameter in parameters manager panel
  • Inspection panel to show parameters of a feature in read-only mode
  • New mode for sketch entities drawing (by left-pressed and moved mouse)
  • Ability to show/hide isolines in the viewer

Other minor improvements:

  • Fuse and Union features merge
  • Adding a button for continuing Point creation without closing the property panel
  • Ability to set zero value for Distance constraint
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