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CAD Assistant

Version 1.6.0
  • New XBF format version (OCCT 7.6.0) preserving vertex normals.
  • Added shadowmap option to non-Ray-Tracing renderer.
  • Added accurate order-independent transparency option.
  • Added interface for switching LODs.
  • Added support for reading glTF files using Draco extension.
  • Added stereoscopic cursor.
  • Data Exchange bug-fixes (STEP import, glTF export, JT Import).
  • Fixed SpaceMouse rotation within object-mode.

Version 1.5.0
  • Added new highlighting styles.
  • Added experimental OpenVR support (Windows).
  • Improved progress indication.
  • Improved metadata handling in JT and IFC readers.
  • Improved STEP reader/writer robustness and UNICODE support.
  • Fixed reading of transparency property in STEP reader.
  • Fixed a couple of glTF export problems.
  • Fixed reading VRML models defining polygons.
  • Fixed panning with Wireless versions of SpaceMouse (Windows).

Version 1.4.2
  • Bug-fixes.

Version 1.4.1
  • Bug-fixes.

Version 1.4.0
  • Introduced material editor.
  • Assembly properties window now displays metadata.
  • Added optional PBR Metallic-Roughness rendering mode.
  • Improved performance of OBJ and STL readers.
  • Improved compatibility with SpaceMouse (Windows).
  • New cad import format (XT) using OCC Commercial Component.

Version 1.3.0
  • Improved perspective camera manipulations.
  • Improved Hollow Mesh/Mesh Edges presentations.
  • Improved performance of some operations on large assemblies.
  • glTF reader now supports files with embedded textures.
  • PLY reader now supports importing files with single mapped texture extension.
  • WASD navigation keys are now mapped onto AZERTY keyboard layout in expected way.
  • Added option specifying non-standard text encoding for reading STEP files.
  • Fixed jerky scrolling on touchpads on Windows notebooks supporting smooth scrolling.
  • Introduced basic support of SpaceMouse controller on Windows.
  • Added portrait mode and fixed resizing issues on Android platform.
  • New Open Cascade logo.

Version 1.2.1
  • Improved robustness of Meshing algorithm.
  • Fixed JT import regression on some files.
  • Fixed OBJ export regression.
  • Fixed exporting Default (undefined) material into glTF file.
  • Fixed incomplete culling of objects outside of camera frustum.

Version 1.2
  • glTF writer now exports into 2.0 version of this format.
  • Option to rename selected assembly part.
  • Improved performance of Flat Shaded and Mesh Shrinked presentation modes.
  • Improved robustness of dimensions import from STEP file.
  • Improved selection performance in several worst cases.
  • Fixed issue with hanging clipping plane presentation on big models.
  • Fixed remaining issues with stylus input within Model Browser and Display Modes on Android platform.
  • Fixed applying length units while reading VRML 2.0 files.

Version 1.1
  • New languages for user interface: French, Russian.
  • New cad import formats (DXF, ACIS) using OCC Commercial Components.
  • New mesh import formats (WRL1, BLEND, 3MF, 3DM, 3DS, AC3D, AMF, ASE, COLLADA, X3D).
  • Dimensions and tolerances information stored in STEP file is now displayed in 3D Viewer.
  • Improved compatibility (file sharing issues) with several file formats and several applications on Android.
  • Extensions and bug-fixes for selected object properties.
  • Improved stability while reading OBJ and JT files.
  • Fixed applying length units while reading JT file.
  • Fixed reading files with GLB extension on iOS.
  • Fixed issue when object color cannot be unset.

Version 1.0
  • Improved support of measurement units.
  • Rubber-band selection tool.
  • Option to export into Binary glTF 1.0 format.
  • Option to exclude normals when exporting to PLY.
  • Fixed reading some glTF 2.0 models – byteOffset is now optional.
  • OBJ file import compatibility improvements.
  • OBJ file export bug-fixes (random failures saving MTL file).
  • Fixed handling of transformations and colors assigned to root elements and part instances in the document.

Version 0.9
  • JT mesh import (without LODs).
  • Option to import multiple models into single document.
  • Assembly structure is now displayed also for mesh-only files.
  • Improved performance while displaying big assemblies.
  • Improved glTF mesh format support.
  • Support of polygons with more then 4 nodes within mesh import.
  • Option to control nodes merging for STL mesh import.
  • Option to rotate around picked point.
  • Option to use shaded mode for highlighting selected object.

Version 0.8.1
  • Open CASCADE Technology kernel updated to version 7.1.0.
  • Fixed exception when reading STEP files with some fields missing.

Version 0.8
  • Preliminary version of glTF (GL Transmission Format) reader.
  • Improved robustness and performance of reading STL files in text (ASCII) format.
  • Tool to delete assembly parts.
  • Fixed listing of read-only external SD cards on Android 6.
  • Fixed reading of RGBA texture on mobile platforms.

Version 0.7

CAD Assistant is now available on Windows and OS X platforms, free for personal and commercial use.

New features for all platforms:

  • Optimized start-up, STL reading, loading of big STEP assemblies.
  • Clipping planes in 3d view allowing to see the model cross-section and interior.
  • New display mode for CAD models: shaded with boundary edges.
  • Improved support of high-density screens.
  • Support of OFF mesh format.
  • Tool to change color of selected parts.

Windows specific features:

  • Interactive ray tracing – realistic shadows, transparency, reflections, simple refractions.
  • Path tracing – advanced display of complex scenes and transparent materials with realistic refractions and caustics.
  • Fine display of sharp lines with MSAA option.
  • Automatic update tool.

Full text license is provided to better define terms of usage of CAD Assistant as free application.

Version 0.6
  • Saving CAD model as triangulation to PLY, STL, OBJ formats.
  • Reading polygonal models from OBJ files.
  • Option to export only selected part or sub-assembly from CAD model.
  • Stereoscopic output (interlaced, anaglyph, side-by-side, etc.)
  • Choice of default display material in application settings.
  • New display mode for meshes – smooth shaded (default).

Version 0.5
  • Fixed issues with old Tegra3 graphics (e.g. on Nexus 7 ‘2012).
  • Fixed problem with launch under secondary user accounts.
  • Added support of viewer manipulations by stylus and mouse.
  • Migrated to Open CASCADE Technology 6.9.0.

Version 0.4
  • First public release on iOS.
  • Support of reading mesh files in STL format.
  • Improved user interface responsiveness on big models.
  • Improved integration with file browsers and cloud services.
  • Tooltips on menu buttons (on hold).

Version 0.3
  • Resolved problem of execution on some devices with Android 4.0-4.2.
  • Rotation center in 3D viewer is now set to center of selected object (or all visible).
  • External SD cards are added as top-level items in Open/Save dialog.
  • Options tuned to optimize IGES export.

Version 0.2
  • Font size adjusted for phones.
  • Scroll enabled in message log.
  • Icons for standard views and ‘show only’ redesigned.
  • Options tuned to optimize conversion to STEP.

Version 0.1
  • First public release on Android.
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