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A common challenge for industrial companies is a seamless review of massive 3D digital mockups with all connected meta-data by various stakeholders including internal company engineers, clients, etc. The process becomes even more sophisticated when it comes to feedback workflow and various communication tools integration.


Open Cascade offers a web portal for collaborative ship design approval involving internal and external stakeholders. The solution enables joint work on complex digital projects involving all team members connected from any device with no need to purchase additional expensive software licenses. Open Cascade collaborative portal allows you to:

  • Convert CAD files, laser scans, and PDF documents into an intelligent and consistent ship model,
  • Fluently visualize 1D-2D-3D ship data for convenient navigation through the model,
  • Use open architecture for integration with customer-specific analysis tools,
  • Customize design feedback workflow,
  • Integrate communication tools.
Collaborative Design Approval

Business value

Higher efficiency and transparency of collaborative design approval process are achieved with Open Cascade software including:

  • The real gain of up to 25% of the overall design review efforts thanks to 2/3 of routine actions time savings,
  • Considerable cost savings on enterprise 3D viewing solution and IT infrastructure due to the flexible licensing policy,
  • Faster time-to-market and lower rate of production defects due to timely detection of design errors and speedy cross-department communication,
  • Worldwide access to support business growth,
  • Continuity of service thanks to faster certification.

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