DXF Import-Export Component


The Open CASCADE DXF Import-Export SDK provides Open CASCADE Technology-based applications with the capability of reading and writing DXF files. Two levels of data conversion are available:
  • BRep data (geometrical and topological data)
  • Attributes (colors, names and assembly structure) associated with BRep data
Reading of such data from files of all known format versions is possible, writing supports versions R10 and earlier, R12, R13, R14, 2000, 2004, 2007, 2010. BRep data can be transferred alone, or together with the associated attributes.


  • Reading/writing geometrical and topological data
This interface translates DXF groups and assemblies to Open CASCADE Technology compound shapes. The interface is able to read DXF entities embedding ACIS bodies (BODY, 3DSURFACE, 3DSOLID and REGION). Translation calls on the Shape Healing function to produce data which fulfill the integrity constraints of Open CASCADE Technology. Like in other data exchange modules by OPEN CASCADE, Shape Healing operations can be controlled by a resource file. Such resource file describes the operators and parameters to apply, and can be adapted according to particular needs. When no resource file is defined, the default healing operations apply. When writing, users can choose to convert Open CASCADE Technology shells and solids either as polyface meshes (pure DXF) or as ACIS bodies embedded in DXF entities. Translation can call Shape Healing under the control of a resource file, if it is present. This allows the user to adapt the written geometrical and topological data to the needs of the DXF-enabled application on the receiving end.
  • Reading/writing attributes
Association of attributes with shapes is possible with the help of XDE, Extended Data Exchange module of Open CASCADE Technology. The reading function at this level fills an XDE data structure with conversion results as Open CASCADE Technology shapes, then adds colors, names and assembly structures present in the DXF file. They can then be accessed through the XDE API of Open CASCADE Technology. When creating a DXF file during conversion, attributes attached to the Open CASCADE Technology shapes in an XDE data structure are translated to their DXF equivalents.


This DXF converter (reader and writer) provides direct exchange of data with systems that support the DXF format (AutoCAD, MegaCAD, Microstation, etc.) for Open CASCADE Technology-based applications and can considerably extend the scope and increase the quality and speed of translation.
  • This SDK provides a high level of exchange quality through the use of Shape Healing.
  • It benefits from using XDE framework of Open CASCADE Technology.
  • This interface requires no third-party license.
  • Its source code can be licensed.
Please read about MarCAD (by Mahr Multisensor) and woodWOP (by HOMAG) in which DXF Import-Export was successfully applied.


The DXF Import-Export SDK is based on the latest version of Open CASCADE Technology, and requires no other external software. It is available on all platforms supported by the corresponding version of Open CASCADE Technology. Operational mode and possible limitations are described in the documentation accompanying the module.
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