Chemical Industry

Digital transformation plays a significant role and presents large potential for chemical players with the aim to accelerate innovation and optimize across value chains by leveraging data and digital technologies. Businesses are looking for new ways to achieve operational efficiencies while being focused on their plants, chasing innovation and technology advancement, hitting higher cost-efficiency and productivity and answering to volatile customer requirements. These factors raise a demand for end-to-end digital processes that cover all chemical production stages from planning and R&D to logistics and support functions. Possessing unrivalled expertise in industrial CAD and integration field, Open Cascade brings 3D data continuity to chemical industry: from big data collection and storage, through seamless integration with different enterprise systems, up to specific solutions, such as 3D digital twin, chemical engineering simulation software, etc. Thus, Open Cascade helps the industry players with smarter plant operations, faster engineering process and better commissioning.

Go digital and establish hyper connectivity among industrial systems and assets:

  • Information management of industrial facility through 3D digital twin — a solution for aggregation of all plant project data, coming from various sources, and creation of a consistent 3D chemistry model. With a 3D representation at hand, users get quick visual clue to data. Artificial intelligence is utilized in the solution for information quality check by controlling of completeness, consistency and correctness of project data coming from different sources.
  • Storage and visualization of industrial data  — a centralized and scalable storage and visualization of massive 3D inspection data, other 3D and engineering data coming from different sources. Different options for deployment are possible: locally as well as in an enterprise or public cloud. Vendor agnostic solution with a variety of robust connectors serves as the integration framework for customer-specific data processing methods and algorithms.
  • Customization of plant engineering  — semi-automated transformation and processing of 2D paper drawings and scans of P&ID documents into digital data and intelligent diagrams. It is an indispensable solution for the development of the control systems in the chemical processes and it serves to estimate the capital cost.
  • Simulation scenarios  — perform virtual scheduled reparations or maintenance, security checks, simulation of emergency preparedness, response training and intervention scenarios with best-in-class solutions for interactive simultaneous visualization of point clouds, laser scans, CAD etc.
  • Web-based solution for collaborative project review — out-of-the-box software solution for collaborative and iterative work with realistic up to date 3D hybrid digital mockup of an asset.
  • End-to-end continuity of massive 3D data – bridge the gap between 3D design and various downstream processes (engineering, manufacturing, training, maintenance, marketing and sales) with automated processing and streaming of heavy 3D data coming from different sources. On top of it IP protection and scripting capabilities are available.
  • 3D inspection of facility during its construction or operation — these solutions allow costs savings on unplanned reconstructions due to early detection of deviations. Partial automation of non-conformity checks and reduced time for acceptance. Lower error risk during further modifications thanks to the use of actual data.
  • Remote inspection of hardly-accessible spaces with the help of 3D photogrammetry – benefit from considerable cost and time savings due to eliminated necessity to penetrate hardly-accessible or cluttered locations. Due to high level of realism of 3D reconstructed model, remote operations can be performed on the same level as if being in the field.
  • 3D inspection of industrial products during their lifecycle – visualize, compare and analyze 3D inspection data (laser scans, photogrammetry, thermal imaging, reconstruction from video, etc.) of the actual state of a complex industrial product. Evaluate possible damages or deteriorations occurred while product usage with reference to the nominal 3D data and product operation parameters.
  • 3D Digital Twin solution – aggregate heterogeneous data from various sources, such as IoT sensors, PLM, MES, ERP, simulations, etc. around hybrid 3D model and make it accessible to all stakeholders. Have a real-time look at what is happening with physical assets and timely identify deviations, failures, etc.
  • Immersive 3D trainings – create and organize immersive trainings for staff of production plants or complex facilities with a walkthrough mode in VR. Save time on staff training and increase personnel preparedness through immersive facility representation.
  • Interactive work instructions using 3D models – increase accuracy during assembly or quality control stages due to intuitive contextual 3D representation. Stream 3D and configuration data to the shop floor and minimize manual work for WI authoring for drastic reduction of costs and efforts.
  • Universal enterprise solution for 3D viewing – perform viewing and initial analysis of 3D CAD files with the help of powerful software available on desktops and tablets. Read and visualize PMI and associated metadata, and generate 3D digital data for engineering, manufacturing, inspection, etc.

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