Surfaces From Scattered Points


Surfaces from Scattered Points (SSP) algorithm provides a groundwork to perform various operations in the field of surface reconstruction, in particular it:

  • Constructs a surface conforming to given point, tangential, scalar and linear constraints. This operation is frequently called “Surface from Scattered Points” (or “Surface from a Cloud of Points”).
  • Constructs a surface conforming to certain boundary constraints (“Hole Filling").
  • Modifies input surface to satisfy certain spatial constraints (“Surface Morphing”).
  • Modifies the input surface (of a face) to reduce gaps between the surface and the wireframe of a face (“Gaps Filling”).

The algorithm is based on the variational method (minimization of energy like functional) producing a B-Spline surface satisfying the input criteria.


The SSP component is a highly customizable tool, which brings the power of the variational method to solve particular tasks of surface reconstruction. It can be used in a wide range of industrial applications providing high quality solution in the fields of automatic measurements, reverse engineering, generative shape design, shapes customization, morphing etc.

This component was successfully applied in a variety of projects, including SAMCEF Field Modeler (by Samtech), OrthoStrato Concept (by CIRTES), MIDAS/FX+ (by MIDAS IT) and SIMOPTIC (by DBM Reflex).

Demo version

You can evaluate the Surfaces from Scattered Points component using a free demo application.

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