Mesh Framework


Open CASCADE Mesh Framework (OMF) enables mesh support in development of pre- and post-processing applications with Open CASCADE Technology (OCCT). In conjunction with Open CASCADE Technology it can be particularly interesting for CAD/CAE application software vendors looking for a complete development platform.


OMF provides the mesh data structure classes suitable for representing linear meshes of any dimension (1D/2D/3D). OMF mesh data structure provides "back references" (from nodes to elements) what can help increase performance in editing and other operations.

The most significant features of the OMF include:

  • integration with OCCT visualization, to enable display and selection of the mesh structures directly in OCCT 3D view;   
  • integration with OCCT Application Framework, to enable storing of mesh data in OCAF documents;   
  • support of data exchange with MSC/NASTRAN, OBJ and STL formats;   
  • various control and checking algorithms such as free boundaries detection, computation of area and enclosed volume etc.;   
  • various editing algorithms such as mesh to line, plane or mesh intersection, Boolean operations on two surface meshes etc.;   
  • available detailed documentation (User's Guide and Reference Manual) and programming sample;   
  • porting across all platforms supported by Open CASCADE Technology.

Meshes in OMF can be displayed in several standard modes: wireframe, flat and smooth shading, and shrink. Selection of individual nodes, elements, groups of elements and sub-meshes is possible. Besides that, arbitrary user-defined displaying and selection modes can be implemented.


  • OMF provides a ready-to-use state-of-the-art mesh framework
  • Data structure is implemented for most efficient memory consumption and performance
  • Available interfaces enable fast integration into user's pre- and post-processing applications

This component was successfully applied in a variety of projects, including AvPro (by Principia) and SeaTrust-Holdan (by Korean Register of Shipping).

Demo version

You can evaluate the Mesh Framework component using a free demo application.

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