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The HOMAG Group is the world’s leading provider of integrated solutions for production in the woodworking industry and woodworking shops.

Business challenge

Development of a new version of woodWOP, an application developed at HOMAG for the programming of CNC machines in the woodworking industry.

Application features:

  • Parametric sketcher for the design of geometries
  • CAD plug-in — CAD functions directly integrated into woodWOP
  • Direct import of DXF diagrams with no layer assignment*
  • New "spline" and "ellipse" contour definition elements
  • Introduction of the new MPRX format based on XML
  • 100% parametrics
  • Direct text function in polygon path macro
  • Single-line fonts
  • 3D CAD functions for the creation of 3D surfaces
  • Import of 3D CAD data in the DXF*, STEP, and IGES formats
  • CAM plug-in – New macros for roughing down, finishing, and formatting of 3D objects
  • Automatic generation of milling paths from 3-axis processing right through to interpolating 5-axis processing
  • Pocket milling with islands with offcut detection
  • Grooving and sawing on contours
  • Import and processing of STL surfaces
  • Feature detection bore holes (cylindrical holes, conical, pockets and grooves)
  • Automatic sawing of surfaces in a 3D model
  • Rotating of components
  • Import and editing of SAT surfaces*
  • Alignment of 3D model automatically

Technology solution

Development of woodWOP, an application combining:

  • A Sketcher based on Open CASCADE Technology
  • CAD plug-in based on Open CASCADE Modeling Algorithms
  • Homag-CAM Technology
  • Open Cascade Application Framework for the parametric CAD and CAM functions
  • Open Cascade 3D viewer for visualization of the geometry and machining traces

Business value

The first woodWOP version was developed in 1991. Since 2004 Open Cascade has been participating in the application development and the current version is woodWOP 7.2.

At the moment about 30.000 CNC machines worldwide are operated with woodWOP. In addition, more than 30.000 Office-PCs are also running woodWOP for the preparation of wood machining programs, so that in total, approximately 100.000 people worldwide are using woodWOP in 36 different languages. ...woodWOP shapes to a great extent the woodworking industry.

  • woodWOP allows users to create part programs very quickly and efficiently without having any CNC knowledge.
  • woodWOP 7 provides CAD basic functions for describing a workpiece geometry.
  • woodWOP 7 increases programming security through a 3D view of the complete working environment including workpieces, processing and clamping equipment.
  • Open Cascade provides the technology to go further with CAD/CAM functionalities of woodWOP.
  • woodWOP is an ongoing development-project, very successful thanks to the excellent long-term partnership between Homag and Open Cascade.

(*) Import operations with DXF and SAT Import / Export - an advanced software component available from Open Cascade.

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