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The CEA is one of Europe’s largest major research bodies. It is active in the fields of low carbon energies, information and healthcare technologies, defence and security. The Companies area is intended for firms interested in R&D collaboration with the CEA as well as those seeking to offer their services to the CEA.

Business challenge

Develop a pre- and post-processing user interface for CATHARE code.

Technology solution

  • Development of a SALOME based LightApp application.
  • Simplification of creating and editing input data for CATHARE code using dedicated GUI controls and text mode.
  • Representation of CATHARE 0D/1D objects in 2D schematic form in GL-viewer.
  • Representation of CATHARE 3D objects in VTK-viewer.
  • Solver launch from GUITHARE application.

Post-processing of results in:

  • VTK and GL viewers
  • PHOTO and CHRONO tables
  • 2D Plots

Business value

  • GUITHARE 1.0 has been released in 2005 and GUITHARE 1.5 in 2009.
  • Three versions of CATHARE are supported: V2.5, V2.5_1 and V2.5_2.
  • Systemically delivered with new versions of CATHARE.
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