Open Cascade releases a new version of Web 3D Viewer 2.0

02 Oct 2020

The major update consists in upgrading Web 3D Viewer to the ninth version of Angular, what provides developers with a more advanced tool for the creation of end-user solutions based on the SDK. Moreover, thanks to it the software loading speed increased drastically as well as the overall performance has risen (objects’ movement, animations, explode operation became faster).

Also, some minor updates concern changes in the user interface, e.g. the buttons and icons became light blue, trihedron is now displayed in the upper left corner.

Moreover, main bugs were fixed enabling smooth and correct switching between models several times.

Try out the newest version of Web 3D Viewer right now and learn more how the component can be implemented into different kinds of end-user solutions. It is available on our new website. Interact with the preloaded models and perform standard operations to explore design.

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