Oil and Gas, Offshore

The oil and gas industry is an excellent example of complex and challenging operations with many variables to take into account while taking any decisions. Meeting the product development, equipment and systems engineering needs of the industry is a clear challenge in today’s ever-evolving global energy market. Several factors, including higher energy costs, raised attention to safety and environmental remits, and the growing durability of new energy sources, have converged to create a new set of competitive pressures for designers and engineers developing oil and gas equipment. With Open Cascade solutions, companies can better leverage 3D design data at every stage of the development process, delivering improved productivity and cost savings to control development costs, accelerate time to market, improve product quality and innovation, and compete effectually. Also, for this industry, maintenance and inspection tasks, which are often significant challenges, given the size and complexity of the facilities, can be improved with IIoT technology. Open Cascade software in such cases can help with visualization of the data received from IIoT oil and gas sensors and general information management.

Optimize production efficiency by stepping up designing, construction and operation workflows:

  • Engineering analysis for offshore industry — based on customer knowledge such solutions optimize and speed-up designing, construction and operation workflows for vessels and marine facilities thank to oil and gas data preparation and visualization software.
  • Information management of industrial facility around 3D digital mockup— the risks of time and money losses drastically reduce due to having consistent and versatile information on asset all the way through its lifecycle and smooth project information handover — from EPC to decommissioning.
  • Intelligent data integration for smooth plant life cycle — unified and automated solutions enable significant time and effort reduction in plant data transfer within heterogeneous environments. It also reduces the risk of data loss or corruption.
  • Web-based solution for collaborative project review — out-of-the-box software solution for collaborative and iterative work with realistic up to date 3D hybrid digital mockup of an asset.
  • Centralized storage and visualization of hybrid 3D data — centralized and scalable storage and visualization solutions for massive 3D inspection and engineering data allows enterprise users to store, protect, access, process, share and collaborate on hybrid 3D data worldwide.
  • 3D inspection of facility during its construction or operation — these solutions allow costs savings on unplanned reconstructions due to early detection of deviations. Partial automation of non-conformity checks and reduced time for acceptance. Lower error risk during further modifications thanks to the use of actual data.
  • Customization and support for plant engineering — software customization of leading plant design and engineering products by adding specific functions, integration of plant engineering software products with third-party solutions, administration and support.

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