Heavy Equipment

Today heavy equipment manufacturers face tough challenges among which is a growing demand for highly-professional equipment and strong requirements from regulatory agencies for safety and performance standards. Heavy equipment machinery are generally very complex mechanisms consisting of thousands of items pieced together. Parts received from different suppliers, complicated assembly, movement simulation, etc. — all these stages require thorough management and smart solutions. Thus, the heavy machinery and equipment manufacturers readily embrace modern technologies by using end-to-end digital tools and software in the manufacturing process. Having unrivaled expertise in industrial CAD, 3D visualization, simulation, etc, Open Cascade provides end-to-end solutions which help to shorten design cycles, speed-up design verification, optimize assembly process, simulate movements in virtual environments, etc.

Meet the most sophisticated industry needs with smart digital solutions:

  • Collaborative design review — optimize your day-to-day design review operations with web-based or desktop software solutions for iterative work. Enable all stakeholders to quickly commit to design review, timely detect errors and deviations, and accelerate time-to-market. The solution is a «must have» tool for HE manufacturers considering their large suppliers’ networks. Interactive work instructions — software solution for creating detailed, step-by-step work instructions (WI) using the actual 3D model and information about product configurations. Data-driven approach is achieved by close integration with PLM system. The solution significantly streamlines multilevel assembly process and leads to less error rate.
  • Storage and archiving of big data — accumulation of operational data stored in separated silos and transferring it to centralized scalable storages. Solutions with a variety of robust connectors serve as the integration framework for chemical industry specific data processing methods and algorithms.
  • Simulation scenarios — aggregation of heterogeneous data from various sources, such as IoT sensors, PLM, MES, ERP allows perform various simulations such as maintenance operations, trainings etc. to maintain engineering accuracy.
  • Online catalogues and configurators — attract more clients by embedding an interactive catalog or a configurator on a website. Users can visualize machinery from different angles and customize it for specific needs. IP protection is guaranteed due to Open Cascade’s proprietary technology of geometry simplification.

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