Energy and Utilities

Digital transformation has penetrated all major industry sectors so far, without excluding energy and utilities. The industry players are striving for business-driven solutions covering huge corporate integrated systems and establishing a smart factory environment. With such implemented solutions businesses drastically optimize production, improve efficiency and enable faster time-to-market.

Multiple opportunities for smooth digital journey appear all along the power-industry value chain, from generation to customer relationship management, enabling new business models.

Bringing the latest technology advances to energy and utilities businesses, Open Cascade can become a reliable technology partner and assist with digital transformation.

Experience tech innovation at the highest level and stay ahead of the competition:

  • Engineering analysis — leverage from intelligent data preparation and visualization software. Enhance and speed-up designing, construction and operation workflows for energy facilities
  • Information management of industrial facility through 3D digital twin — a solution for aggregation of all industrial project data, coming from various sources, and creation of a consistent 3D model of a facility. Considerable time and costs savings are observed due to having consistent and versatile information on asset all the way through its lifecycle and smooth project information handover.
  • Web-based solution for collaborative project review — optimize your day-to-day design review operations with web-based or desktop software solutions for iterative work. Enable all stakeholders to quickly commit to design review, timely detect errors and deviations, and accelerate time-to-market.
  • Storage and visualization of industrial data — a centralized and scalable storage and visualization of massive 3D inspection data, other 3D and engineering data coming from different sources. Different options for deployment are possible: locally as well as in an enterprise or public cloud.
  • 3D inspection of facility during its construction or operation — these solutions allow costs savings on unplanned reconstructions due to early detection of deviations. Partial automation of non-conformity checks and reduced time for acceptance. Lower error risk during further modifications thanks to the use of actual data.
  • Customization and support for plant engineering — software customization of leading plant design and engineering products by adding specific functions, integration of plant engineering software products with third-party solutions, administration and support.

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