Implementation of digital technologies and computer-aided design in the aerospace industry is driven by the necessity to develop foremost systems and solutions with exceptional performance. Considering that aviation authorities are constantly transforming infrastructure and security systems for new planes and technology, aerospace companies have to keep up with the complex challenging trends of the industry along with maintaining a high level of exactitude and efficiency of airplane design and maintenance software. Based on extensive industry-specific experience, Open Cascade offers creation of tailor-made innovation driven solutions reliable on every step from the first stages of design to commissioning and further.

Rely on cutting edge digital technologies for meeting the most actual industry challenges:

  • Simulation scenarios in a virtual 3D asset— the software creates cumulative effect of risks and costs reduction due to solution accessibility, 3D democratization and ease of use of simulation scenarios such as aircraft cabin reconfiguration.
  • Interactive work instructions — software solution for creating detailed, step-by-step work instructions (WI) using the actual airplane cad 3D models and information about product configurations.
  • Solutions for non-destructive robotic inspection — the software optimizes preparation of UT inspection process by customer’s specialists, allows working with complex geometries of aircraft CAD models and enhances customer’s know-how capabilities in ultrasonic thickness testing services.
  • Numerical simulation — pre- and post-processing solutions converging visualization and data processing and preparation functionalities for such industry-specific tasks as numerical simulation of the external airflow or fluid dynamics.
  • Centralized storage and visualization of hybrid 3D data — centralized and scalable storage and visualization solutions for massive 3D inspection and aerospace engineering CAD data allows enterprise users to store, protect, access, process, share and collaborate on hybrid 3D data worldwide.
  • 3D inspection of a complex product during its construction or operation — software solution which visualizes, compares and analyzes deviations and differences between as-designed vs. as-built vs. as-operated information and models via auto-generated visual reports.

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