DMU Reviewer version 1.1 released

09 Mar 2021

Open Cascade has released a new version of its desktop multi-CAD viewer and analyzer – DMU Reviewer. The major update consists in significant enhancement in overall performance: the loading and save time drastically speeded up, in many cases coming up to 70% of time saving. Some operations with large numbers of items (such as selection, color assignment) are also optimized and accelerated.

When it comes to functional improvements, the enhanced positioning of dimensions should be highlighted as well as the fact that now measurements are taken immediately after picking all necessary elements, without the need to click an additional button. These updates also lead to time saving and user convenience.

Another change related to measurements capabilities is that in the newest version of DMU Reviewer it is possible to measure angles between linear edges, planar faces, arc axis and cylinder axis.

As for visibility of any auxiliary information, it is worth mentioning that assembly items and PMI can be saved in DMU Reviewer’s internal file format (*.xbf) and restored after that during next work sessions. Other minor updates concern mostly additional “nice-to-have” capabilities related to coloring parts, usage of hotkeys, etc. Go to our Release Notes page to learn more.

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