CAD Processor

CAD Processor

Simplify, repair, convert your 3D data

CAD Processor offers a rich palette of 3D transformation operators aimed to prepare existing Digital Mock-Ups (DMUs) for downstream engineering use. A few typical scenarios include

  •  IP protection during collaboration between remote engineering contractors
  •  Optimizing 3D data for Outfitting Design
  •  Simplifying 3D data for FEA
  •  VR/AR scenes preparation


We offer CAD Processor functionality in various forms, specifically:

  •  CAD Processor UI: Easy to Use & Easy to Learn desktop application lying on the edge of modern user experience. Select parts and assemblies and apply simplification operators in a couple of clicks.
  •  CAD Processor CLI: batch utility for automation of industrial processes without human participation. Write your own simplification scenarios of virtually unlimited complexity.
  •  CAD Processor Software Development Kit (SDK): API for integrating DMU processing functionality into your software. Take advantage of powerful simplification facilities within your application.

Free evaluation

Download evaluation version using the following link: CAD Processor Desktop for Windows 7/10 x64.



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