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With virtual merchandising solutions growing popular, more and more manufacturers embed interactive 3D web catalogues in their websites to boost sales, attract new audience and stay competitive. Immersive and fully interactive 3D visual context matters a lot helping to fill the gap between the imaginary and real product for the end users.

However, publishing an online 3D catalogues is only the first step: it is essential to maintain catalogues up-to-date following your product evolution and protect the 3D product data published online from unauthorized duplication.


Leveraging its state-of-the-art 3D visualization technologies, Open Cascade brings its expertise to the online world, allowing creation of interactive web catalogues. With the Open Cascade solutions, the catalogue users interact with a 3D product in a web browser like with a real physical object, navigate through the logical structure of a complex product and benefit from smart search capabilities.

To guarantee IP-protection for all products published on a website and prevent reverse engineering, all models are being prepared and simplified fully automatically prior to product 3D visualization. (Check how CAD processing and simplification algorithms are realized in CAD Processor ). True digital continuity of the product data is established through seamless integration of web catalogues with sales, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and product lifecycle management (PLM) systems.

MRO activity is an important example of a business process accelerated with interactive and intelligent catalogues of spare parts and online technical documentation. Flexible licensing makes such catalogues affordable for both small companies and big manufacturing enterprises.

Business value

Reduced ordering time for the end customers and increased customer satisfaction thanks to minimized risk of mistakes or decisions based on outdated or incomplete product information. A secure way to publish product 3D data and protect your IP. Improved workflow for remote customer service thanks to complete product information available online.

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