Digital ship inspection



The objective of a ship inspection is to verify the structural strength and integrity of essential parts of the ship’s hull and its appendages, and/or the reliability and function of the propulsion and steering systems, power generation and those other features and auxiliary systems that have been built into the ship. It involves several kinds of analysis and complicated calculations with high error cost leading to reduced safety.


Open Cascade offers software algorithms and applications for certification of different types of ships (tankers, bulk carriers, container ships, etc.). Structural analysis of the ship hull is performed in 2D and 3D. Other options include FEM analysis of the hull strength using third-party solvers and Open Cascade algorithms and verifying scantlings in accordance with IACS rules or the rules of a specific class society.

Business value

Time needed for data collection is reduced drastically thanks to utilizing Open Cascade solutions for ship inspection. Modelling and analysis become easier, with the overall ship inspection and classification services being optimized and accelerated.
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