Open CASCADE Technology presentation at FOSDEM 2021

09 Feb 2021

Open Cascade presented at FOSDEM 2021!

FOSDEM is a worldwide two-day event organized to promote the widespread use of free and open source software. Usually taking place in Brussels, Belgium, the event this year was fully digital allowing dozens of open-source projects to join the conference virtually via so-called Developer Rooms.

Our expert in the field of geometric algorithms and certified Open CASCADE Technology (OCCT) trainer, Alexander Malyshev, presented in the Open Source Computer Aided Modeling and Design devroom. Alexander’s speech covered two main topics: OCCT status update in response to community feedback and the main OCCT 7.5.0 release features. In the first part of the presentation, he highlighted the availability of an official OCCT GitHub mirror allowing to ease an access to OCCT source code without registration and planned contributor license agreement signage digitalization. Alexander announced the soon-to-be new developer website with the special sections dedicated to partner projects and research articles, as well as OCCT testing dataset publication. In addition to these actions aimed to make the contribution process easier and faster, he mentioned new OCCT documentation organized in a more logical manner to lower entry barriers to technology.

The second part of the speech included the details of OCCT 7.5.0 release features. In particular, new triangulation algorithm for planar polygons, parallel progress indicator, and progress indicator for meshing, that taken together provide a better meshes experience. Alexander demonstrated how PBR or physically based rendering improves the visualization of a metallic object. He also covered Data Exchange enhancements such as STEP translator improvements and increased performance of ASCII readers for mesh formats resulted in 5 times speedup in reading time of the big mesh files. The talk was followed by a very active live Q&A session. Community expressed a lively interest in OCCT roadmap, bug reporting process and practices and shared valuable feedback for the OCCT technical team.

Thank you to FOSDEM 2021 organizers for an opportunity to share OCCT status update and to community for a constructive feedback! We look forward to participate in FOSDEM 2022 in person.

You can watch Open CASCADE Technology status update presentation at FOSDEM 2021 via the link.

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