Open Cascade starts supporting maintenance releases of Open CASCADE Technology

05 Feb 2021

Starting from February 2021 Open Cascade introduces into practice maintenance releases of Open CASCADE Technology (OCCT). This approach allows users to get the certified updates for OCCT and added-value components faster and at no additional costs. We consider maintenance release (or Maintenance Pack) as a release of a product that does not add new features or content. For instance, maintenance releases are typically intended to solve minor problems, such as “bugs” or documentation issues, etc.

We’ve prepared the first OCCT maintenance release (version 7.5.1) and are going to follow this approach on a regular basis. Starting from now, we plan to issue maintenance packs approximately once a quarter or even more frequently depending on the customers’ requests and our technical possibilities.

The sources of Open CASCADE Technology 7.5.1 are available under the V7_5_1 tag in the OCCT repository.

This maintenance release fixes the following critical problems:

  • 31845: Modeling Algorithms – BRepOffsetAPI_MakeThickSolid fails in OCCT 7.5.0 BETA [Regression]
  • 31912: Modeling Algorithms – Boolean Cut can’t build resulting shape [blocking problem]
  • 32058: Modeling Data – Extrema curve-surface gives wrong result for planar surface of revolution and circle [child of 31912]

Publication date: 5 February 2021.

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