Open Cascade publishes free Open CASCADE Technology (OCCT) trainings

03 May 2021

Having received numerous requests from the open-source community Open Cascade decided to publish free trainings to ease access to Open CASCADE Technology (OCCT). Free presentations available on the recently renewed Development Portal cover Preliminaries, Geometry, and Topology topics.

Preliminaries subject aims at general OCCT-related problems. It focuses on general tasks like getting OCCT, its structure, building from sources, etc. In addition to Open CASCADE Technology overview, the training provides several performance tips and describes Draw Application functionality.

Geometry module reveals parametric and non-parametric geometry available in the OCCT. Typical data structures and algorithms are demonstrated on the slides.

Topology in OCCT is the most advanced topic related to modeling. In particular, it explains topology definition and purpose, teaches to represent the result of the Boolean operations and describes the idea of Boundary representation (B-Rep) method.

You can access free Open CASCADE Technology training materials in Training & E-learning section of OCCT Development Portal.

If you need deeper OCCT knowledge, Open Cascade offers instructor-led courses and interactive remote trainings covering wider subjects and practical exercises.

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