Open Cascade joins the GICAN

08 Jan 2021

Open Cascade is excited to announce joining the GICAN, the French Marine Industry Group, which affiliates more than 200 industrialists in the maritime industry. It brings together shipyards, system and equipment manufacturers, subcontractors, engineering and architect businesses that are involved in the design, construction, maintenance, and implementation of military and civilian vessels, and those who work in the field of maritime security and Marine Renewable Energies.

“We are proud to become a member of the GICAN,” says Mikhail Kazakov, Managing Director of Open Cascade. “This collaboration will let us check and confirm that our solutions and offers are in line with the current and future trends in the development of the industry. It is a great opportunity for us to understand better current achievements of key market players and their needs that could be solved efficiently with the help of Open Cascade proprietary technologies and profound expertise in the area.”

Open Cascade can offer the GICAN significant industry-specific experience gained by implementation of projects in the domain for the number of state maritime registers, industrial companies, educational and research organizations over the last 20 years.

Our solutions for the marine industry can help enterprises to improve the processes of ship design and construction, ship inspection and 3D reconstruction, project management, etc. State-of-the-art Open Cascade software empowers industrial manufacturers to discover the new profitability of digital transformation in the frames of maritimisation of the world economy.

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