Open Cascade joins Digital Twin Consortium

12 Nov 2020

Open Cascade is proud to announce becoming a member of Digital Twin Consortium. Now we are a part of the ecosystem dedicated to the widespread adoption of digital twin technology and related transformational business outcomes.

Digital Twin Consortium represents the leading innovators and thought leaders in this emerging industry. The Consortium coalesces industry, government, and academia to drive consistency in architecture, security, interoperability and vocabulary of digital twin technology. It advances and advocates the use of digital twin technology in many industries from aerospace to natural resources.

Open Cascade approach organically blends into Digital Twin Consortium philosophy, as we offer tailor-made solutions based on proprietary technologies in the fields of aggregation, intelligent integration, hybrid storage and visualization of 3D and reference data enabling digital twin concept implementation into modern industrial manufacturing.

“We are excited to join the Digital Twin Consortium,” says Mikhail Kazakov, Managing Director, Open Cascade. “Sharing the Consortium values, we are sure that today digital twins represent the best practice for manufacturers to manage the productivity and efficiency of their assets. And our aim here is to democratize these cutting-edge technologies, making them intelligible and accessible, to let consumers make the most of them.”

“Open Cascade is a welcome addition to Digital Twin Consortium,” said Dr. Richard Soley, Executive Director, Digital Twin Consortium. “Their experience in digital twin interoperability and best practices will benefit the Consortium as we develop guidance on digital twin.”

Together with more than 170 Digital Twin Consortium members, Open Cascade captures best practices and interoperability and portability requirements for digital twin producers and consumers. Through cross-industry collaboration, the Consortium helps enterprises maximize the positive impact of digital twin technology.

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