Open Cascade Commercial Platform components are updated!

19 Nov 2020

Open Cascade is pleased to announce the new versions of added-value components available under Commercial Platform. All these Software Development Kits (SDKs) were updated to be compatible with the latest release of Open CASCADE Technology 7.5.0. New release of Commercial Platform components provides more than 60 improvements and corrections over the previous release 7.4.0.

Open Cascade customers are welcome to download the components from Customer Corner, which has been substantially updated following customers’ expectations. 

The most essential changes are listed below.

Advanced Samples and Tools

OCCT exception hierarchy was fully wrapped to be supported by Java code. This will allow catching and proceeding C++ errors on Java level and getting information about its cause.

Canonical Recognition

Added support of progress indicator in CR application.

Express Mesh

  • Performance of the tessellator in parallel mode was improved (2-3 times)
  • The algorithm was instrumented with progress indicator support

IFC Import

  • Improved IFC import with new types of Metadata
  • Added possibility to read an IFC file from an input stream

JT Import

  • Added optional support for importing Parasolid BREP in JT Import
  • Created functionality to assemble JT models
  • Added support of conversion and writing meta-data attached to objects

Parasolid Import

Schema version was updated up to Parasolid v.31.1.

If you are interested in Commercial Platform or a particular value-added component please contact us for more information.

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