Railway Transport Manufacturing

Digital transformation has appeared as the key driver for innovation and optimization in the railways industry. It provided a huge impact to improve reliability of assets and enhance day-to-day operations. Open Cascade lets railway industry players stay focused on their businesses, while developing customized intelligent CAD solutions for efficient management and processing of industrial 3D and auxiliary data. Driven by modern breakthrough technologies (IoT, digital twins, AR/VR, cloud infrastructure), Open Cascade software tools assists railway companies with smooth and successful digital journey.

Keep up to date and benefit from innovative technologies and trends in railway transport manufacturing:

  • Digital twin — perform immersive trainings, quality control, maintenance, etc. operations with a solution powered by Open Cascade Commercial Platform. The solutions aggregates heterogeneous data from various sources, such as IoT sensors, PLM, MES, ERP, simulations, etc. around hybrid 3D model and make it accessible to all stakeholders through the web browser.. Get useful and actual insights on manufacturing assets performance and design accuracy. Integration with IoT sensors gives additional information about trains performance and potential.
  • Cloud storage of massive datasets — Open Cascade can handle huge laser scans of railway infrastructure and implement inspection workflows based on train-mounted LIDAR data acquisition Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) — conduct training sessions for rail personnel, organize maintenance and quality control in digital environment, thus reducing the dependency on physical availability of facilities and equipment.
  • Drawingless shopfloor — seamless information streaming from engineering to the shop floor. Replace 2D drawings by intricate 3D datasets, easily share it among railway project collaborators on different levels, make rapid CAD models design modifications and updates in case of workflow changes for better manufacturability.

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