Data exchange and integration

Open Cascade Platform Module

Modern industrial production uses a huge number of third-party systems from different manufacturers, covering various areas of these production activities. Integrating data from disparate sources into understandable, consistent, and valuable information for a smooth enterprise lifecycle becomes a paramount and permanent action.

In response to data exchange demands, Open Cascade offers a practical approach to unifying and efficient management of incoherent data flows from different sources. Our end-to-end solutions ensure the convergence of information from all systems and allow you to administer, process, unify and store structured and consistent data. The architecture of Open Cascade data exchange solutions gives customers the ability to integrate downstream systems into the current IT landscape as needed providing maximum flexibility through a data-driven approach.

Scalable and rapidly deployable software enables seamless aggregation of heterogeneous data from IoT sensors, PLM, MES, ERP, simulation systems, and more. As one of use-cases, Open Cascade Commercial Platform empowers the integration of Plant Design software (e.g. Aveva, Bentley, etc.) with other enterprise systems (ERP, Project Information Management System, etc.). Moreover, artificial intelligence can be utilized to check the quality, completeness, and correctness of the information and building a consistent data model.

Open Cascade offers the opportunity for the development and implementation of intelligent data orchestrators that are fully compliant with international standards. We support ISO 15926, the standard for the integration, sharing, exchange, and transfer of data between computer systems, which is commonly used by major industry players, and the Capital Asset Information Transfer Specification (CFIHOS). The software allows data transmission over multiple data links via internal and external APIs and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

Customized solutions, based on the Open Cascade Commercial Platform, enable integration through unified, cross-platform, multi-format communication, drastically reducing the time and effort of transferring enterprise data in heterogeneous environments. They also minimize the risk of data loss or corruption. The established multi-dimensional continuity allows different enterprise systems to become links in the same chain for a smooth plant life cycle. With outsourcing services, customers’ engineering teams can focus on their core competencies.

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