Automation of processes and data

Open Cascade Platform Module

Automation of various stages of industrial processes using data integration and transformation techniques powered by Open Cascade Platform includes a full range of traditional simulation algorithms and flexible AI processing tools.

Artificial Intelligence used for automation of heavy routine tasks allows to gain 100% repeatability of the results and guarantees constant quality level at much higher processing speed. This can be applied, for example, for massive processing of legacy paper documents. In addition, Computer Vision opens the door to fully digital processing of information that normally requires human perception.

Manufacturing preparation tools that include automated tool path calculation for CNC, offline CNC and robotics simulations and sheet metal unfolding allow you to gain extra accuracy, efficiency and productivity, increase tool resource.

Automation of QC and inspection using our PMI model-based components and proprietary «Nominal-to-Actual» comparison technology can significantly save time on QC tasks.

Sales automation is achieved due to smart processes consisting in 2D / 3D data generation for the shop floor and customers based on the selected product configuration, direct modeling capabilities for CPQ, model-driven MBOM generation and pricing calculations.

Proprietary technologies for offline simulation, automated execution and control of industrial processes help to minimize human intervention and enable superior performance. Special algorithms and methodology eliminate manual work, significantly reduce the need for human labor and the risk of human error.

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