Asset Revamping 2.0 released

03 Feb 2021

Keeping up with a well-spread and on demand trend, Open Cascade decided to make major changes in the solution architecture backend, which is redesigned to be more scalable and fault-tolerant. The newest version of  Asset Revamping does not run on a single server any more like its predecessor, but on a cluster of servers making it possible to dynamically scale its performance up and down as situation demands. All components of Asset Revamping backend are reorganized to become horizontally scalable and distributed allowing the system to survive the loss of a single cluster node without significant degradation of quality of service.

Another big achievement is that Asset Revamping 2.0 can be now deployed in private data centers as well as in public clouds due to backend containerization. There is no tie to a specific public cloud vendor, which means that the solution can now be easily deployed to any cloud platform. These new capabilities give users more freedom, flexibility and entail cost-savings, meaning that users can easily manage computing power and the service period use.

Also, the newest version of Asset Revamping encompasses fixes and improvements in Overall point cloud, Background jobs, Flexible project locking, new POI filters, Assembly tree and other new features, User Interface (UI) improvements and other bug fixes. Go to our Release Notes page for the detailed information.

Do you want to learn more about Asset Revamping, its capabilities and competitive advantages? Then, contact Open Cascade now.

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