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Turnkey solutions
Turnkey solutions
Using its own in-house free Open Source software, or any tools required by our customers, OPEN CASCADE has already provided "turn key solutions" for major companies solving their challenging problems.

OPEN CASCADE relies on high skilled engineers in a number of scientific computing domains, such as 3D modeling, visualization, meshing, CAD, or Data exchange and interoperability.

A successful result is also ensured through professional mastering of adequate software technologies. They include standard tools such as C++, Python, Java, JSP, CORBA, XML, Qt, OpenGL, VTK, HDF, UML as well as in-house development platforms – Open CASCADE Technology and Salomé.

We provide such development in various industrial domains:
  • Nuclear (AREVA, CEA, ANDRA, EDF)
  • Aerospace (EADS)
  • Aeronautic (SNECMA)
  • Industry (Arcelor, Homag, SNCF, LPKF)
  • Automotive (BMW)
  • Shipbuilding (RINA, PRINCIPIA)
  • Measurement Machines (Mitutoyo, Mahr)
  • Industry (Arcelor)
  • Scientific Editors (Samtech)
  • ...

As software professionals working in the industrial world, we are concerned about respecting costs and schedule without compromising the quality.

See our client list for concrete examples of successful projects completed by OPEN CASCADE.

Isopunch, Courtesy of Arcelor

From needs assessment to maintenance
To reach maximum efficiency and to enable flexibility for its customers OPEN CASCADE is able to cover all steps of the projects, from client needs assessment and prototyping to development, deployment and maintenance.
The project size may vary from a few dozen to several thousand days.

Cigal2, courtesy of Alcatel Space

Freedom, quality, safety and reliability
With our Open Source software, you get quality, safety and reliability, no licenses or runtime fees, as well as the freedom to sell the software we develop for you!

For any information or inquiry visit our CONTACT US page.

"We are very impressed with the professionalism of the OPEN CASCADE team. They approached development in a way that allowed us to double our efficiency and save considerable time on the overall project, while preparing specifications that would ensure optimal application performance."

Pascal Ravier, Project manager for the Automotive Steel Solution Design Department

"Working with the OPEN CASCADE team will enable us to optimize software production by combining their CAD-to-analysis development experience with our thermal solver expertise."

Thierry Basset, Project manager for developments around thermal exchange
Alcatel Space

Turnkey solutions
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