3D digital twin solution


In case of limitation of accessing to industrial manufacturing environment, 3D digital twins represent a handy way for manufacturers to manage the performance, effectiveness, and quality of assets such as complex manufactured products, manufacturing machines, lines, or even whole plants. They work by having the 3D geometry of a part or system, linking it to sensor data during operation, which allows seeing a digital copy of the behavior of the part or system in service, providing ample opportunities for predictive analytics and, therefore, for effective asset management.

Since a digital twin represents a complete description of a physical asset, it combines all the data, including CAD, data coming from internet of thins (IoT) sensors, product lifecycle management (PLM), manufacturing execution system (MES), enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and the rest of the information infrastructure. Consequently, there arises a need for a tool for aggregation, storage, intelligent integration, and advanced visualization of all gathered data in a single accessible place like a remote virtual control room.


3D Digital Twin solution powered by Open Cascade Commercial Platform covers the entire design-execute-change-decommission lifecycle of an industrial asset in real-time. It is applicable for complex products, industrial facilities or infrastructure.

The software helps to aggregate heterogeneous data coming from various sources, such as IoT sensors, PLM, MES, ERP, simulations, etc. around a hybrid 3D model. (Check how hybrid 3D data – both CAD and point cloud – can be visualized in Asset Revamping). Intelligent data integration allows building a sustainable information model of the object enabling situation awareness and decision making in real time by augmenting your existing IoT data with 3D DMU of physical object. Open Cascade advanced visualization technologies open up the possibility of the asset’s visual representation, displaying moving parts, collisions, temperature, etc., so the information is provided in a convenient and human-understandable way.

Most significantly, the solution enables rapid access to the integrated information about the industrial object from everywhere to all stakeholders through the web browser. This concept optimizes many workflows and minimizes efforts on operation and maintenance of this object.

Business value

Open Cascade solution offers full control of your factory by opening virtual control room page in a web browser. This allows involving more stakeholders remotely in cause and effect analysis giving them complete plant information for faster and more adequate decision-making. Efficient collaboration using an intelligible and accessible 3D model lets manufacturers take a more strategic and integral approach to asset management.

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