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Software maintenance is often considered as nothing more than a bug fixing. However, international studies demonstrate that most of the maintenance efforts are in fact devoted to functionality enhancements and support of the existing IT systems including regular updates and releases publications. Managing all of these processes can be overwhelming when you deal with several contractors.


Software maintenance is important because it consumes a large part of the overall lifecycle costs and the inability to change software quickly and reliably means that business opportunities may be lost for a client.


Open Cascade covers the full-service cycle from the first user request, initial analysis, and evaluation, to development, testing, and pre-release. Whether new business needs arise, or regulations change, our professional software development team quickly updates the product roadmap and seamlessly supports deployment for users.

We offer a software platform and expert services as the two main pillars for long-term maintenance of your projects. Our approach includes necessary software tools for web-based KPI dashboards and ROI progress tracking tools. Our expert services include data analysis to provide recommendations for data consistency checking and flow adaptation for seamless integration.

Business value

Software maintenance costs and resources involved are optimized to help you focus on your core business and new challenges:

  • Expensive license is not required for all stakeholders
  • Flexible licensing model can be adapted for clients
  • Easily scale up and down for the amount of users needed
  • Multi-device and multi-system support
  • No client software installation required
  • Simple to support and easy to maintain
  • Direct operation in a single shared environment
  • Embeddable in any existing web solutions
  • New reporting part of the corporate workflows
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