Training Programs

Choose standard training courses to let your team members master Open CASCADE Technology or SALOME fast.


Open Cascade training programs give a complete overview to those who want to become operational with the Open CASCADE Technology or SALOME platform.

Provided by an Open Cascade expert directly, the training is the fastest way to start working with our software. By default, it can be offered for both individuals and groups of up to 4 trainees. Training sessions can also be conducted for groups consisting of more participants. This option is available upon additional request.

Open Cascade also offers training in the form of kick-off programs. These are specifically designed for developers who are ready to begin building their application and aim to be highly productive from the start. Kick-off programs include a training session followed by Expert consulting on application design and architecture.

Courses delivery methods

There are several options for delivery of training courses:

  • Training on customer’s site
    In the frame of this trainings delivery method, our expert will come to your site to conduct the training. This way, your team members are trained right at their working place, so the associated traveling and lodging expenses are minimized.
  • Training on Open Cascade sites
    If meeting more Open Cascade experts interests you, bring your specialists to participate in the sessions on our premises in Guyancourt or Lyon (France). Open CASCADE Technology trainings are provided for a group of minimum 3 trainees.
  • Online training
    In cases when business trips are limited by different reasons, in order to provide you with an opportunity to master in Open CASCADE Technology and SALOME Platform, our experts are ready to conduct online trainings using modern means of communication.


Open CASCADE Technology training materials and exercises are provided in English. SALOME Platform courses are available in English and French.

Upcoming training sessions

  • GEOM and SMESH training on SALOME platform
    Date: 18-19 January, 2021
    Location: Guyancourt, France
    Number of remaining seats: 4 (out of 6)
    Language of training: French

Available training programs

Course Name
Course Type
Course Length
Course Delivery Options
training on Open CASCADE Technology
5 days
On-site (curr. n/a),
Application Framework
training on Open CASCADE Technology
3 days
On-site (curr. n/a),
Shape Healing
training on Open CASCADE Technology
2 days
On-site (curr. n/a),
training on SALOME platform
2 days
On-site (curr. n/a),
Introduction to ParaVis
training on SALOME platform
1 day
On-site (curr. n/a),
training on SALOME platform
2 days
On-site (curr. n/a),

Open Cascade training courses are available for separate purchase or within "A la Carte" Support programs. A training course can start on any business day within the validity period of the purchased package, upon mutual agreement between Open Cascade and a customer.

Upon request, standard programs can be customized to address customers’ specific tasks. 


The E-learning course is provided remotely in the form of self-training. The training modules are divided into sub-modules, or chapters. Each training chapter includes an electronic tutorial and a programming exercise to be completed, both accessible via the Personal Account section, over the Internet. 

To get a trainer's assistance, a trainee can use e-mail (or other remote communication channel, upon agreement with a trainer). A trainer helps a trainee with the electronic tutorial, answers questions and corrects the exercise completion.

E-learning course is a cost-effective alternative to a standard training. It is the way to pass the chosen training program on your own schedule. 

Please contact us for more information and pricing.


  • Open Cascade trainings are the fastest way to get familiarized and get started with our software.
  • The trainings are provided directly by Open Cascade experts who are the initial developers of Open CASCADE Technology.
  • Standard programs can be modified to meet specific customer's needs.
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