RINA – Leonardo Hull 3D

Customer profile

RINA S.p.A. is an operational company founded by Registro Italiano Navale in Genoa in 1861. RINA is one of the founding members of IACS and actively participates in technical, research and rule-making groups in different institutional contexts at Italian and international level. RINA S.p.A. operates competitively in the market and offers assessment, control, certification and research services, in compliance with national and international rules, related to materials, design, technology, products and plants, as well as undertaking tasks entrusted by governmental bodies and other authorities.

Business challenge

  • Providing the means for rapid development of meshed structural models of certain classes of ships.
  • Performing a finite element analysis of ship structures and providing visual feedback of their strength and deformations, including the fatigue check of structural details.

Technology solution

  • Development of the Leonardo Hull 3D — Three Hold (LH3D-3H) application.
  • LH3D-3H refers to analysis using a «three hold» approach, based on calculations carried out on three ship holds.
  • Calculations follow RINA Rules for the Classification of Ships and assess the ship’s structural compliance to these Rules.

Business value

  • Speed up the approval process of tankers, bulk carriers and other types of cargo ships.
  • RINA’s customers, i.e. shipyards now possess an easy-to-use tool for modeling and validating their ships during the production process.
  • Rapid numerical simulation that meets quality requirements and represents a highly efficient replacement of older software.
  • Facilities for monitoring the structural performance over the entire life cycle of a vessel and for timely maintenance support.
  • Tools for reporting and communication between the shipyard and RINA.
  • Reduction of the risk of delays during the drawing approval and construction phases due to early identification of critical areas.
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