Asset Revamping Web Platform

Visualize, Simulate and Operate an Industrial Asset


Remote web access

Simple, secure and interactive remote access to all your data: real-world scans, virtual digital 3D and asset / process information.

Easy but powerful

Our advanced 3D technology allows easy simulation of change or intervention scenarios for all users directly from their offices.

Cheaper operations

Collaborative, Interactive and Mobile environment to support your Operations & Decisions in Context with simple to use tools.

  •  3D in a Web browser
  •  All data in the same place
  •  Interactive, Interactive and easy to use

Main capacities

Advanced capacities

  •  Interactive access to very large 3D data via a simple web browser
  •  Dedicated servers or secured cloud
  •  3D CAD connections (PDMS, etc.)
  •  One-stop shop: technology & service
  •  Customization for every client
  •  All data in the same place
  •  Point cloud, 3D DMU, photos and more data
  •  Visualization & Manipulation
  •  Measurements & Clash Analysis
  •  3D objects creation and modification
  •  Create / play user scenarios
  •  Annotations & Attachments
  •  Integration with external data & IT systems
  •  Sharing & Collaboration


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