Open CASCADE Technology 7.7.1 maintenance release

Open Cascade is pleased to announce that the next Open CASCADE Technology (OCCT) maintenance release (version 7.7.1) is prepared. The sources of Open CASCADE Technology 7.7.1 are available under the V7_7_1 tag in the OCCT repository.

This maintenance release fixes the following problems:

33171: Modeling Algorithms – The compound with the few solids connected through shared faces becomes invalid after same domain faces unification

32977: Data Exchange – Can’t read STEP color correctly for the referenced root label

33170: Modeling Algorithms – Checking for canonical geometry: plane detection problems

33144: Modeling Algorithms – Wrong result of Shape Proximity

33187: Modeling Algorithms – Crash in postprocessing of imported shape

33173: Modeling Algorithms – BRepExtrema_DistShapeShape causing Standard_OutOfRange exception [Regression]

26441: Modeling Algorithms – BRepOffset_MakeOffset affects original shape

33179: Modeling Algorithms – Crash in ShapeFix_Shape with the attached object, when healing for fixing SameParameterFlag

27122: Data Exchange – Invalid shapes are produced during model translation due to huge face tolerance when importing STEP [Regression]

33193: Modeling Algorithms – UnifySameDomain raises SIGSEGV [Regression]

32818: Modeling Algorithms – Result of sweep operation is invalid

33217: DRAW – Debug tools DrawTrSurf_Set, DrawTrSurf_SetPnt and DrawTrSurf_SetPnt2d cannot be used in some environments

33180: Modeling Algorithms – Crash while using Build() on BRepOffsetAPI_ThruSections class

32934: Modelling Algorithms – BRepExtrema_DistShapeShape returns two solutions instead of one

22821: Modeling Algorithms – Crash of BRepFilletAPI_MakeFillet related to high value of ChFi3d_Builder::tolesp parameter

33156: Modeling Algorithms – Planar face creation problem

31865: Mesh – triangulation fails with large deflection values due to unhandled Standard_OutOfRange, BRepMesh_PairOfIndex::Append()

33228: Data Exchange, DE Wrapper – Make the document argument of the method Read const handle

33230: Data Exchange, DE Wrapper – Update API to find CAD provider

33232: Data Exchange, DE_Wrapper – Implement ability to change global session

33218: Data Exchange – XCAFPrs_Texture does not allow to use classes inherited from Image_Texture

33250: Configuration – Missing Limits header file

33235: Configuration – Solving the problem with static building of ExpToCasExe

31919: Modeling Algorithms – General Fuse raises exception on attempt to imprint a contour to a shell

30781: Modeling Algorithms – Sweep algorithm creates non-planar edges (orig. BOPAlgo_MakerVolume fails to build a solid)

33244: Modeling Algorithms – Surface-surface intersection produces the double curves

33265: Modeling Algorithms – Boolean operation hangs on the attached shapes

33247: Modeling Algorithms – BOP report small edges problem and produce empty result

33304: Modeling Data – Floating point signal when converting a B-spline curve to analytical form

33305: Coding – BOPTools_PairSelector::Clear() method uses “Clear” instead of “clear” on std::vector

33315: Mesh – BRepMesh_IncrementalMesh takes forever to finish (ends up with system memory)

33311: Modeling Algorithm – No results of thrusection algorithm

33312: Data Exchange – NULL-dereference in StepToTopoDS_TranslateShell::Init()

33320: Data Exchange – Reading of a VRML file with a long line fails

33307: Data Exchange, Step Import – Crash after reading empty edge loop

32570: Visualization, AIS_AnimationObject – define rotation around axis

30828: Data Exchange – The commands getting shapes from XCAF document should be available in C++

27848: Visualization – Sensitivity of lines is too high

33317: Data Exchange, Step Export – Ignoring color attached to the reference shape label

30055: Modeling Algorithms – BRepOffset_MakeOffset throws “TopoDS_Vertex hasn’t gp_Pnt” in intersection mode

30292: Modeling Algorithms – BRepBndLib should avoid using Poly_Polygon3D when called with useTriangulation set to false

33263: Modeling Algorithms – BRepFilletAPI_MakeFillet doesn’t work for current parameters

33227: Modeling Algorithm – BOPAlgo_BuilderSolid generates incomplete result

33298: Modeling Algorithm – Offset operation gives wrong result

33306: Modeling Algorithm – Crash in TrimEdge() method

33264: Modeling Algorithms – Result of section operation is incomplete

33092: Data Exchange, Documentation – Implementation of DE_Wrapper documentation

33340: Modeling Algorithm – Improve memory management performance in the “PaveFiller”

33345: Coding – Memory allocation operators got inaccessible

33337: DRAW – Can’t load plugins on Linux OS

33327: Data Exchange, IGES Import – SubfigureDef can’t read string

33331: Data Exchange, Step Import – Unsupported Representation Items

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