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About us
Who we are
OPEN CASCADE is an Information Technology Company of EURIWARE group, which is a subsidiary of Capgemini Group. OPEN CASCADE provides services in the domain of scientific and technical computing, particularly in the integration of simulation tools.

The company relies on an international team of highly skilled engineers with proven competence in many areas:
- 3D modeling,
- data exchange,
- numerical simulation,
- visualization and graphic user interface,
- cross-platform environment, etc.


Cargo ship stress calculation in LH3D
Courtesy of RINA

What we offer
OPEN CASCADE develops and supports two Open Source software platforms:
- Open CASCADE Technology, a set of components for 3D modeling
- SALOMÉ, a framework for numerical simulation integration.

Open CASCADE Technology provides advanced and robust software components for 3D modeling that have been developed, tested and used in industry for more than 15 years.

SALOMÉ provides a generic platform for Pre and Post-Processing for numerical simulation. SALOMÉ development has engaged more than 20 partners - industrial and research companies, accumulating and sharing their experience and know-how.

These two platforms and expertise of OPEN CASCADE allow EURIWARE group to extend its offer of custom development services to the area of numerical simulation integration.

In addition, to the customers making their own development OPEN CASCADE provides:
- support services, including training and consulting
- advanced products enriching the functionality of their software



Creator of the "Industrial Open Source" concept
The rapid growth of traditional Open Source models, such as Linux or Apache, has shown the advantage of sources availability: the ability to freely use, modify or adapt them, while being able to check their quality, reliability and safety.

As a major contributor to Open Source software, OPEN CASCADE has adopted this model to make it in an economic industrial reality.

With a standard business approach, OPEN CASCADE identifies its customers' projects which can profit from its Open Source libraries and platforms. When choosing a solution based on these technologies, OPEN CASCADE customers have a technological advantage by using highly reliable software, but also a financial advantage, paying only customization and specific development, keeping the full freedom to distribute their software without licenses and runtime fees, on as many stations as they need, even with the possibility to sell it!




Our customers
Since its creation, OPEN CASCADE has provided successful solutions to its numerous customers worldwide.
Among them, we are especially proud to mention:
























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Our Share Holders
OPEN CASCADE is a subsidiary of EURIWARE, which is a subsidiary of Capgemini Group.

EURIWARE provides its customers with advanced Consulting and IT services in energy, industry, defense and services sectors. Its expertise is based on the successful combination of its three core business activities:
- Consultancy
- Systems Integration (Enterprise Systems Integration and Technical and Industrial Systems)
- IT Outsourcing.

EURIWARE's industrial approach delivers successful projects, harnesses innovation and ensures continuous forward planning. EURIWARE employs 2,250 people.

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