Open CASCADE Technology  7.3.0
Public Member Functions
StepShape_CsgSelect Class Reference

#include <StepShape_CsgSelect.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 StepShape_CsgSelect ()
 Returns a CsgSelect SelectType. More...
void SetTypeOfContent (const Standard_Integer aTypeOfContent)
Standard_Integer TypeOfContent () const
Handle< StepShape_BooleanResultBooleanResult () const
 returns Value as a BooleanResult (Null if another type) More...
void SetBooleanResult (const Handle< StepShape_BooleanResult > &aBooleanResult)
StepShape_CsgPrimitive CsgPrimitive () const
 returns Value as a CsgPrimitive (Null if another type) More...
void SetCsgPrimitive (const StepShape_CsgPrimitive &aCsgPrimitive)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ StepShape_CsgSelect()

StepShape_CsgSelect::StepShape_CsgSelect ( )

Returns a CsgSelect SelectType.

Member Function Documentation

◆ BooleanResult()

Handle< StepShape_BooleanResult > StepShape_CsgSelect::BooleanResult ( ) const

returns Value as a BooleanResult (Null if another type)

◆ CsgPrimitive()

StepShape_CsgPrimitive StepShape_CsgSelect::CsgPrimitive ( ) const

returns Value as a CsgPrimitive (Null if another type)

◆ SetBooleanResult()

void StepShape_CsgSelect::SetBooleanResult ( const Handle< StepShape_BooleanResult > &  aBooleanResult)

◆ SetCsgPrimitive()

void StepShape_CsgSelect::SetCsgPrimitive ( const StepShape_CsgPrimitive aCsgPrimitive)

◆ SetTypeOfContent()

void StepShape_CsgSelect::SetTypeOfContent ( const Standard_Integer  aTypeOfContent)

◆ TypeOfContent()

Standard_Integer StepShape_CsgSelect::TypeOfContent ( ) const

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