Open CASCADE Technology  7.1.0.beta
Public Member Functions
IntPolyh_StartPoint Class Reference

#include <IntPolyh_StartPoint.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 IntPolyh_StartPoint ()
 IntPolyh_StartPoint (const Standard_Real xx, const Standard_Real yy, const Standard_Real zz, const Standard_Real uu1, const Standard_Real vv1, const Standard_Real uu2, const Standard_Real vv2, const Standard_Integer T1, const Standard_Integer E1, const Standard_Real LAM1, const Standard_Integer T2, const Standard_Integer E2, const Standard_Real LAM2, const Standard_Integer List)
Standard_Real X () const
Standard_Real Y () const
Standard_Real Z () const
Standard_Real U1 () const
Standard_Real V1 () const
Standard_Real U2 () const
Standard_Real V2 () const
Standard_Integer T1 () const
Standard_Integer E1 () const
Standard_Real Lambda1 () const
Standard_Integer T2 () const
Standard_Integer E2 () const
Standard_Real Lambda2 () const
Standard_Real GetAngle () const
Standard_Integer ChainList () const
Standard_Integer GetEdgePoints (const IntPolyh_Triangle &Triangle, Standard_Integer &FirstEdgePoint, Standard_Integer &SecondEdgePoint, Standard_Integer &LastPoint) const
void SetXYZ (const Standard_Real XX, const Standard_Real YY, const Standard_Real ZZ)
void SetUV1 (const Standard_Real UU1, const Standard_Real VV1)
void SetUV2 (const Standard_Real UU2, const Standard_Real VV2)
void SetEdge1 (const Standard_Integer IE1)
void SetLambda1 (const Standard_Real LAM1)
void SetEdge2 (const Standard_Integer IE2)
void SetLambda2 (const Standard_Real LAM2)
void SetCoupleValue (const Standard_Integer IT1, const Standard_Integer IT2)
void SetAngle (const Standard_Real ang)
void SetChainList (const Standard_Integer ChList)
Standard_Integer CheckSameSP (const IntPolyh_StartPoint &SP) const
void Dump () const
void Dump (const Standard_Integer i) const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

IntPolyh_StartPoint::IntPolyh_StartPoint ( )
IntPolyh_StartPoint::IntPolyh_StartPoint ( const Standard_Real  xx,
const Standard_Real  yy,
const Standard_Real  zz,
const Standard_Real  uu1,
const Standard_Real  vv1,
const Standard_Real  uu2,
const Standard_Real  vv2,
const Standard_Integer  T1,
const Standard_Integer  E1,
const Standard_Real  LAM1,
const Standard_Integer  T2,
const Standard_Integer  E2,
const Standard_Real  LAM2,
const Standard_Integer  List 

Member Function Documentation

Standard_Integer IntPolyh_StartPoint::ChainList ( ) const
Standard_Integer IntPolyh_StartPoint::CheckSameSP ( const IntPolyh_StartPoint SP) const
void IntPolyh_StartPoint::Dump ( ) const
void IntPolyh_StartPoint::Dump ( const Standard_Integer  i) const
Standard_Integer IntPolyh_StartPoint::E1 ( ) const
Standard_Integer IntPolyh_StartPoint::E2 ( ) const
Standard_Real IntPolyh_StartPoint::GetAngle ( ) const
Standard_Integer IntPolyh_StartPoint::GetEdgePoints ( const IntPolyh_Triangle Triangle,
Standard_Integer FirstEdgePoint,
Standard_Integer SecondEdgePoint,
Standard_Integer LastPoint 
) const
Standard_Real IntPolyh_StartPoint::Lambda1 ( ) const
Standard_Real IntPolyh_StartPoint::Lambda2 ( ) const
void IntPolyh_StartPoint::SetAngle ( const Standard_Real  ang)
void IntPolyh_StartPoint::SetChainList ( const Standard_Integer  ChList)
void IntPolyh_StartPoint::SetCoupleValue ( const Standard_Integer  IT1,
const Standard_Integer  IT2 
void IntPolyh_StartPoint::SetEdge1 ( const Standard_Integer  IE1)
void IntPolyh_StartPoint::SetEdge2 ( const Standard_Integer  IE2)
void IntPolyh_StartPoint::SetLambda1 ( const Standard_Real  LAM1)
void IntPolyh_StartPoint::SetLambda2 ( const Standard_Real  LAM2)
void IntPolyh_StartPoint::SetUV1 ( const Standard_Real  UU1,
const Standard_Real  VV1 
void IntPolyh_StartPoint::SetUV2 ( const Standard_Real  UU2,
const Standard_Real  VV2 
void IntPolyh_StartPoint::SetXYZ ( const Standard_Real  XX,
const Standard_Real  YY,
const Standard_Real  ZZ 
Standard_Integer IntPolyh_StartPoint::T1 ( ) const
Standard_Integer IntPolyh_StartPoint::T2 ( ) const
Standard_Real IntPolyh_StartPoint::U1 ( ) const
Standard_Real IntPolyh_StartPoint::U2 ( ) const
Standard_Real IntPolyh_StartPoint::V1 ( ) const
Standard_Real IntPolyh_StartPoint::V2 ( ) const
Standard_Real IntPolyh_StartPoint::X ( ) const
Standard_Real IntPolyh_StartPoint::Y ( ) const
Standard_Real IntPolyh_StartPoint::Z ( ) const

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